More than just an industrial equipment manufacturer, we’re a business partner you can trust

For more than 60 years, Beauchemin Industrial has devoted itself to delivering industrial components to clients exactly when they need them. Our team of experienced professionals in sheet metal transformation and mechanical welding are able to meet your most rigorous demands for quality. That’s simply because your projects are our top priority, as is your complete satisfaction.

Superior-quality manufacturing of industrial components

Meticulous and experienced employees, smart work techniques, equipment that is perfectly adapted to the job at hand… those are just some of the factors that allow Beauchemin Industrial to deliver the superior quality of all the made-to-measure industrial equipment it designs and manufactures.

Manufacturing complex
large-scale parts is our daily challenge

The combined experience of our employees over nearly 60 years and the scale of installations that include two bridge cranes with a total lifting capacity of 20 tons allow Beauchemin Industrial to produce complex made-to-measure large-scale components based on your plans and specifications.

  • dryer hoods for the pulp & paper industry
  • industrial ventilation systems (insulated and uninsulated ductworks, combustion chambers, dampers, sump, expansion joints)
  • energy recovery units such as heat economizers (heat exchangers with tubes or sheets)
  • industrial chimneys
  • dust extraction systems
  • conveyors
  • various mechanically welded parts


Unmatched expertise in equipment manufacturing for major industries
Beauchemin Industrial has earned an enviable reputation as a contract manufacturer of parts and equipment for major industries. We mostly supply the pulp & paper and mining & metals industries, but we can adapt our production to the metallurgical and petrochemical sectors as well.


Large-scale installations

Two factories, one of which has a vertical clearance of 23 feet, and several bridge cranes, including two with a capacity of 10 tons each for a total of 20 tons lifting capacity, allow us to deliver large-scale projects.

Flawless production

Superior-quality products and low error rate (confirmed by a recent customer poll conducted by a specialized firm).

Always according to schedule

Timely delivery of all projects.

Rigorous follow-ups

Clear communication in-house and with customers.

Turnkey service

An in-house painting department saves customers unnecessary transport costs.

Optimized designed

Customers benefit from the most effective solutions thanks to our over 60 years of experience.