For three generations, we have been the partners of choice for the manufacture of made-to-measure industrial components


The business was born in the family basement. In the early years, Simon Beauchemin and his wife Rachel focused on making chairs, sleds and swings in a modest woodworking shop. As more products were added over the years, the company became Simon Beauchemin Doors & Windows.


In response to market demands, the Beauchemin duo refocused its activities on ornamental iron welding. A 2100 sq. ft. workshop was built in Danville and two employees joined the company.


The company having branched out to include the design and retrofitting of agricultural machinery in a new machine shop, its name was changed to Danville Machine Shop.


A major milestone was reached with the purchase of an 8,000 sq. ft. building on the Rue du Carmel. The couple’s three sons, Alain, Mario and Michel, joined the company, which was renamed once again. With a new generation eager to take up new challenges, Les Ateliers Beauchemin began designing and manufacturing custom-made industrial equipment and various machinery. Orders quickly poured in.


The company expanded its machine shop and the Beauchemin couple gradually let the new generation take over before retiring eight years later. Michel and Alain refocused activities on manufacturing of an ever-growing diversity of made-to-measure industrial products for specific uses. The Danville factory thus began production of automatic machines such as conveyors, paper presses and heat recovery units for the pulp & paper and mining & metals industries.


Les Ateliers Beauchemin, now specializing in sheet metal transformation and mechanical welding, expanded their work area to 12,250 sq. ft.


With Michel retiring, a third generation took the helm. Alain, Francis and Sylvie became managing stockholders of Les Ateliers Beauchemin.


Now specializing in the design and manufacture of made-to-measure industrial equipment, the company continued its expansion. The purchase of a building located at 291 Rue du Carmel enabled the company to offer assembly of large-scale parts.


Les Ateliers Beauchemin was renamed Beauchemin Industrial. Owned by Alain, Francis and Sylvie, the company enjoyed an enviable reputation in the pulp & paper industry, most notably in the manufacture and maintenance of tissue paper drying systems. And with its leading-edge expertise in sheet metal transformation and mechanical welding, Beauchemin Industrial was able to begin contract manufacturing of large-scale industrial equipment thanks to quality installations, and to bridge cranes having a total capacity of 20 tons.

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